W is a research collective that studies action in a performance setting. What does it mean to act as others watch? What characterizes the relation we call theater?

To answer these questions, W simultaneously develops three complementary approaches: a practice, which builds tools and techniques for the actor; a critical method, which suggests reception guidelines for the spectator; and a theory, which works to define notions useful to the first two approaches.

In particular, W produces games, a lexicon of operational notions, a critical seminar, a theoretical apparatus, articles, conferences, research sessions, as well as school visits.

W-Games are performances that are ready-for-play. They are sometimes played in front of an audience. Though some require prior training, most of them are hands-on. One need only know the rules.

Here W presents five games: Bloc Game, Tomb Game, Générique, the Game of Rules and the Game of the Ladder (still in progress)