W is a research collective that studies action in a performance setting. What does it mean to act as others watch? What characterizes the relation we call theater?

To answer these questions, W simultaneously develops three complementary approaches: a practice, which builds tools and techniques for the actor; a critical method, which suggests reception guidelines for the spectator; and a theory, which works towards defining notions useful to the first two approaches.

In particular, W produces games, a score writing software, a lexicon of operational notions, workshops and practical sessions, critical seminars, as well as articles and conferences.

Introduction to W is the transcription of a conference given by Joris Lacoste and Jeanne Revel at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 2007. It presents some of the presuppositions of the W approach, illustrated with various examples.

Bloc Tactics is an article that complements the rules of the game of Block. Using examples from actual games, it presents different ways of playing, strategies and tactics.

A Game of Tomb consists of several dialogues written from a round of the Tomb Game played in September 2009.

A Round of The Rule Game is the transcription of a typical round of play of this game.